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Description and Videos Scores and Recordings
Eight-part choir music
Mass for 8 parts, 2008, based on Gregorian mass 11
for SS AA TT BB.
Performed by Cappella Nicolai during live TV broadcast

Agnus, second version

Performed by Consort11, during concert "Intenselevens", on 11-11-2011


Sanctus & Benedictus




Sanctus & Benedictus


De Profundis Clamavi, 2008. Out of the Depths I call, Lord, to You. SS AA TT BB
De Profundis

Beata es tu, Maria, 1983. SS AA TT BB
Beata es tu, Maria

 first recording

 second recording

Walking on the Rainbow, 2007. Dedicated to my wonderful son Jason, who died Januari 9, 2007 at the age of 12
Walking on the rainbow,

for piano
for organ manual
for organ
for string orchestra
for brass ensemble

Four-part choir music
Evensong Responses, 2008
dedicated to the Cappella Nicolai of the NicolaasBasilica in Amsterdam.

Mass for 4 parts, 2000 Mass1

2 poems by Yeats
The Swans at Coole, 1996
Never Give All the Heart, 1996
The Swans at Coole

Never Give All the Heart

Happy Birthday, SATB Happy Birthday

Lang zal ze leven, a dutch Happy Birthday, SATB Lang zal ze leven

Music for Piano & Organ
Fire, First of 4 elements, 2001

Painting by Barbara Epplett
Fire, -  and orchestral score

Mirroirs, Etude for piano, 1995 Mirroirs

Herinneringen aan de Dood, Memories on Death, for Organ, 1985.
Part 1 "14"
Part 2 "Nul-A"
Part 3 "Omnicreativiteit"
Perfomed at the organ at the Grote Kerk at Breda
This piece was written for, and dedicated to Sjaak Bloem. He studied organ with Maurice Pirenne and Bram Beekman, and cembalo, at the Brabants Conservatory, and he was an enormeous support for me and great friend in that period. Orgel van de Grote kerk in Breda
  • The piece started out as a tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach,
    After years of not putting anything to paper, part 1 was surprisingly written and finished in 14 days.
    The piece is full of symbolic numbers: e.g
  • right before a beautiful In Paradisum, where the pedal disappears for a while after the 1750th note, we hear the main themes from the Art of Fuge and Musical Offering in the last chords.
  • The whole piece contains exactly 1954+1960 = 3914 sounding notes (you may find out what that represents).
  • After 238 notes you hear a pause followed by 14 notes and the second pause in the first part. You will hear many more forms of 14 (=BACH) in part 1.
Herinneringen aan de Dood>

part 1 live

part 2 live

part 3 live

Electronic music
Piece1: Evolution
Electronic Piece 1983, constructed in the studio's of the Brabants Conservatory.

New Age music
Nice, 3 pieces for meditation and relaxation

All music by Hans Latour (c)

You are invited to perform and enjoy any of these pieces, please remember to inform the composer at, and to mention his name.